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Looking for hard to locate maintenance and O.E.M. replacement contacts? Need a specific contact starter, circuit breaker, resistor or other electronic component? Can't find it? At Specialized Component Sales we specialize in hard to locate and out of stock electronic components. Of course we welcome all electronic component inquiries. From AC Crane Controls to Voltage/Phase Monitoring relays we've got you covered.

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Our attention to service and quality has made us an industry leader. At Specialized Component Sales, we constantly strive to exceed your expectations!

We help keep your manufacturing, processing and transportation lines moving.

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After 45 years in the business, our value-added services are second to none. They include:

 - Repair/Reconditioning/Rebuild

 - Re-kitting & Light Assembly

 - Creative Solutions & Consultations

Our qualified staff is ready to provide you with expert guidance.

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